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Class List
for 2024 

The button below will take you to a Google Sheets version of the Class List.  Once you have opened the document you will notice 3 tabs on the bottom left (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  Click on a tab to take you to that day. 


You can also "Make A Copy" by clicking on "File" on the top right. Once you have your own copy you can resize or add columns to tailor it to your needs.  Be careful not to edit actual class, section, or division information on your copy.  And I would strongly recommend that you wait to make your own copy until a month before the show.  The original version will update in real time with any changes that we need to make (i.e. corrections).  


You will not be able to edit the original version which is the one the judges will use.  

If you would rather have a PDF version click the link below.

bas relief pic.jpg


FRIDAY - Fun and Performance 

  • Junior - for the 12 and under group 

  • Performance

  • Just for Fun - All mediums 

  • Medallion Breeds

  • Animals - All hard mediums (plastics, chinas, resins, etc) 1/9th scale or smaller.  

SATURDAY - Custom Breed and Workmanship 

* All Halter Breeds (Nan - Green cards)

  • Custom Traditional

  • Custom Mini 

  • Artist Resin Traditional

  • Artist Resin Mini

  • Micro Minis - Artist Resins & Plastics - no china 

  • Custom Glazed China

* All Workmanship (Nan - Yellow Cards)

  • Workmanship - Each of the above categories has a Workmanship Division. 

  • Medallion/ Bas-Relief Workmanship

SUNDAY - Original Finish Breed and Collectability

* All Halter Breeds (Nan - Green cards)

  • Breyer Traditional

  • Breyer Mini 

  • Peter Stone Traditional 

  • Peter Stone Mini 

  • Hartland 

  • China / Factory Resins 

All Collectability (Nan - Yellow Cards)

  • Collectability - Each of the above categories has a Collectability Division

Division Definitions

These definitions come from NAMHSA and are the generally accepted definitions in the Model Equine Hobby.  

Akal Teke OF Pic.jpg

Original Finish (OF) Plastics

(Breyer, Stone, Hartland, etc)

  • Original finish plastics are mass-produced models in their original state as released by the manufacturer. 

  • Models may be repaired or restored to the original state, although a judge may penalize any visible repair at his/her discretion. 

  • Any alteration to a model beyond original state disqualifies it from the OF division; this includes, but is not limited to: added gloss on eyes, hooves, mane/tail, or any other part of model; added, improved, or altered markings; and any substance applied to change or enhance the original color or texture.

CM Fireheart pic.jpg


  • A custom model is a one-of-a-kind created by altering an OF model, whether plastic, factory resin, China, or other material. 

  • Any alteration from original factory finish means a model is customized. 

  • A custom model may be repainted with or without hair or sculpted mane and tail, repositioned, have body parts re-sculpted or replaced, or be created from two or more models. 

OF China Pic.jpg

China / Factory Resins 

  • The definition of Original Finish is the same as for “Original Finish Plastics” above

  • The OF China classes are restricted to horses glazed in regular production colors and marked or certified tests. Burden of proof for test color models is on the entrant. 

  • Factory Resins that are not very limited runs would show here.   One of a kind is shown in Custom Glaze / One of a Kind China even if they were produced in a factory. 

CGC pic.jpg

Custom Glazed China 

  • China/porcelain/pottery models finished in a unique glaze finish must be shown in the Custom Glaze division, regardless of where the finish was created. This includes one of-a-kind models created at the factories of Pour Horse, Horsing Around/Horse Gallery, etc. 

  • Custom colors, whether specially ordered by a purchaser or offered on a sales list by the maker, must be shown in the Custom Glaze Division. 

  • Unpainted or clear glazed items are NOT eligible for NAN.

AR pic.jpg

Artist Resins / Original Sculptures 

  • An artist resin is a casting of a unique work. 

  • Artist resins may be finished by the original artist or by another artist; may be altered from the original casting; may have sculpted or hair manes and tails. 

  • Regardless of who finished the model or how it was altered, if the underlying body is an artist resin, the model should be shown in the Artist Resin division. 

  • An original sculpture is a unique figure created by an artist from raw materials; although it may be based on a wire (or other material) armature, no mass-produced model or artist resin, regardless of how altered, is used as a base or armature. 

  • An original sculpture may be the prototype for an artist resin or may exist as a single, stand-alone work of art. 

bas relief 2 pic.jpg

Bas Relief / Busts

(aka Medallions)

  • Painted or color glazed plaques, medallions, cookies, etc. depicting 1 or more equines qualify for NAN Yellow Cards for Workmanship.

  • Medallion “Breed” classes are NOT eligible for NAN.   

  • Unpainted or clear glazed items are NOT eligible for NAN

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