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General Rules & Etiquette

The goal is to have a lot of fun, see old friends, make new ones, show off your beautiful models, hopefully win some stuff, and then get all of those models home safe and sound.  The following general rules and etiquette are here to help achieve those goals.

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Show Hall

  • No Alcoholic Beverages

  • No Smoking (inc. vaping, e-cigarettes, etc)

  • No Pets

  • Service Animals are allowed

  • Be courteous and kind

  • Badgering, being aggressive, intimidating, or otherwise making a negative scene is grounds for immediate expulsion from the show without a refund for you and your guests.

  • We want the kiddos to come but they are solely your responsibility.  It is expected that you find somewhere else for them to be if they are disrupting showers or endangering their models.  

  • This is a private event in a public setting.  Anyone entering the show arena must be invited.  We will have a cordoned off section for spectators.

  • Showers and Guests must wear their wristband (or get a hand stamp) to enter the show hall. (you will receive your wristband on your first day)  

  • Signed Liability waiver must be on file with us in order to enter the show hall.  The waiver has space to include your guests' signatures.

The Show
  • The classes move fast - it is up to you to keep up. 

  • Only pick up someone else's models if you have their permission

  • If a model is damaged it is between the parties involved to find a resolution.  Note: do keep in mind that you come to the show knowing that it is possible for a model to get damaged.  The onus and risk falls on the owner more than anyone else in most cases. 

Judges Table
  • It is recommended that you lay tippy horses down for judging- doing so gives implied consent to the judges to handle them.

  • Classes move very quickly.  Time will be based on the amount of setup required.  Once it has been announced as “closed” models will not be accepted.  

  • Classes will not be held or delayed.

  • Models that are not removed promptly after classes are "pinned" may be moved to the Pony Pound by a judge.  Leaving it on the table gives implied consent.

  • Not a rule but a good idea - designate someone as your helper if you have several models that will need to be moved at the same time.

  • Please do most of your model dusting at your table.  Only minor dusting should be considered at the judges table - and please do so without putting the dust on someone else's model.   

  • Judges may split, merge, or cancel any class they deem appropriate.

  • Judges may not judge their own models, their family's models, models they have owned in the last 6 months, models from someone they co own models with, or a model they have customized.

  • Judges may utilize any resources available in order to make their decisions.  This includes but is not limited to: Other judges, showers, books, internet, etc. 

  • Judges decision is final.

  • Do not get confrontational with a judge.  That is grounds for expulsion without a refund

  • You may ask questions between judging for the purpose of education or clarification only.  

  • If you believe that you are being discriminated against by a judge please bring it to the hosts attention.

  • Proxy Owners need to fill out a Registration form.  When prompted please write the full name of the Proxy Shower so that we can keep our files straight.  Once registered and confirmed you will receive your own ID# for the show cards. 

  • Proxy Showers - in order to proxy show you must have your own show ticket for the same day(s) that you are proxy showing.  You only need to fill out one registration form.  There is a place to indicate that you are also proxy showing.  When prompted please write the full name of the Proxy Owner so that we can keep our files straight.

  • There is no limit on how many proxy models can come to a show.  But there are class limits.  The registered onsite shower must adhere to the limits for each class.  Most are a limit of 3.  (this means that the shower may show up to the limit of their own models and they may also show up to the limit of proxy models).

  • Exceptions:

  • No proxy showing in the Junior Division

  • Friday's Fun Class #303 - Artistry by Owner is not available to Proxy models.  Owners must be onsite.

  • Friday's Fun Class #305 - Favorite Model - there is a 1 model limit.  This class is not eligible for "extra" models beyond your 1 each.

The Open Show

All 3 days are part of the Open show.  In fact, the only one that is not is the Junior Division.  Here you will find specific division rules, guidelines, instructions and explanations.  Click on any of the pictures or buttons below for a printable copy.

For the NAMHSA breed list click here.  This is just a guide you are welcome to use other resources in making your breed determination.


Click the button for more information

The "Juniors" button above will take you to a document that explains the specific rules, guidelines, and information that you will need when competing in this division. 


Click the button for more information

We considered, and debated at length whether to have a Junior/Novice Division or just a Junior Division.  Ultimately we decided on a Junior Division.  But that doesn't mean we are excluding our Novices.  We wanted the kids to have a space that was all their own. 


If you are now only a "kid at heart" and you are new to showing we want you to show in the OPEN.  We feel we can best support you here.  Our judges are fantastic and all have the same desire to see this hobby thrive and grow.  Beyond that we have a group of volunteers that will be on hand to help you at every step.  All you need to do is let us know.


The "Novice" button above will lead you to a document with some helpful tips.  

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