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Would You Like to Judge?

We are looking for judges for the 2024 show.  If you are interested in Judging please click the button below and submit an application.  

Judging is the heart and soul of a show.  If after reading all of the details you would like to be apart of our amazing team please click the button above to submit a Judges Application Form.  Approval will be based on number of applications and what we are needing.  If you don’t make a spot for this year please apply again next year.  


Judging Expectations:

  • Attend the Judges Meet & Greet (via Zoom) - to be scheduled in the last week of March

    • This is a chance before the craziness to all meet and go over any questions, concerns, etc. 

  • Accept that your name will be published on the event Facebook and Website as judges


At the Event:

  • Attend the in person Judges Meetings (15min) on each morning of the event that you are judging

  • Be on time, positive, and fair in your judging

  • Provide information to the MC so that he/she can make announcements (no need to yell at this event)

  • Make sure all of your paperwork is done

  • Hand out all appropriate awards (Nan, WC, and On the Edge Live)

  • Follow all Namhsa rules for Judges 


Judging Compensation:

  • All judges will receive a “Judges Swag Bag” full of goodies including a Judges Shirt, On The Edge Live Pony Express Pouch,  and ticket(s) for the Judges Only Raffle.

  • Judging 1 division - receive 50% off your personal show tickets

  • Judging 2 or more divisions - receive a free 3 Day Pass - ($150 value)

AR pic.jpg

Meet The Judges

Judging categories are subject to change as needed for the flow of the show.  Judges may sub in or consult on each other's division as needed as long as they follow the NAMHSA rules.  

Rules for Judges

Judges may not:

1) show in a division that they are judging

2) judge any model they have worked/collaborated on

3) judge models owned by a relative

4) judge any models owned by any individual who co-owns any models with that judge

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