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Family Vacation

It is so rare to see spouses/partners and the kiddos come out to these shows.  That is one of the aspects of the hobby we would like to see grow.  Hailey and I do almost everything together and going to shows with her has been unexpectedly rewarding.  My husband, on the other hand, still refers to them as "toy horses".  Clearly he doesn't get it; but please don't boo him when he comes to say "hi"; we are working on him.  Even still there is a twinge of jealousy when we load up the car and head off for one of our many adventures without him.  

With that in mind we set out to create an event even the "toy horse" critics will want to come to.  Why?? Because there is so many ways to make this a family vacation.  The skeptics, or not all invested, crew will have so much they can do while you are basking in show heaven.  They can even pop in to see you in all your glory and then sneak out when they realize they are starting to like it.  The short ones (my term for the kiddos) will have their own space to hang out in the show hall where they will have toys to play with and pages to color.  When it becomes to much for them...or you, they can head off with someone of your choosing for a dip in the pool or much needed nap.  

If you've never considered it before, consider it now.  Bring the family.  Arizona is a different kind of beautiful.  And after a winter, for some of you, filled with snow, ice, floods, and cold - bring everyone down or over to thaw out for a minute. 

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