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Ticket Info



Payment Options

Credit Card, Google Pay, Paypal

Tickets will be available for purchase here on this website starting January 1, 2024.  We have upgraded our system this year to include more payment options and hopefully a smoother process.  Payment is required to secure your tickets. 



All ticket sales are final and non-refundable.  **note - this is different from last year and was done to iron out some issues.  

Transfers / Reselling

Because tickets are non-refundable we are permitting transferring of tickets in the event that you are not able to attend.  In order to do this though we do need you to reach out to us in writing with your full name, the tickets being transferred, and the new shower's full name.  

Show Cancellation

In the event of some unforeseeable disaster (for example - covid lockdowns) 

that offers us no other alternative but to cancel the show:  

- All fees from this site will be refunded as per our "Refunds" policy. 


We will not be responsible for travel expenses, including but not limited to accommodations, flights, car rentals, gas, etc).  Please consider travel insurance if this concerns you.

Liability Waiver / Photo Release

Clicking the "Liability Waiver" button will take you to a Google Doc.  Each shower must submit one for themselves and any people they invite (that are not showing) Each proxy owner must also sign a copy. 


Please read and sign this document before you or your models enter the show hall.  All of your guests (family, friends, etc) must also sign this prior to entering the show hall.  To reduce the amount of paper we have included multiple signature lines so that your group can all sign the same document.  However, if you don't get them all together on the same form that is perfectly fine - they can sign their own. 

It would be very much appreciated if you would email these in advance of the show so that we can get everyone into the show hall in a timely manner.  Please email them to

Tickets for the Show

There are 40 show tables and 8 judges tables.  

3 DAY PASS - $150 

With this ticket you get:

a full six foot table and 2 chairs for all 3 days of showing,

invite to the meet/greets,

ability to sell at your table during the show if you wish

refreshments throughout

Registration and payment will be available in January 2024  


With this ticket you get:

a full six foot table and 2 chairs for one day of showing, 

invite to the meet/greets,

ability to sell at your table during setup and show hours for your ticketed day

refreshments throughout

Registration and payment will be available in January 2024

- $15

(this add-on is for a parent/guardian that has a Full Event or Friday Day Ticket for themselves)

(this is for ages 12 and under)

With this ticket you get:

entry into the Junior Division,

invite to the meet/greets

refreshments on Friday                                                               

NOTE: Juniors will share table space with their parent or guardian 

- $20/day
- $50/event

Your proxy shower can bring an unlimited number of your models to the day(s) paid for.

A table is not included.

The proxy shower may request an additional table (for a fee) when/if they are available.

The proxy shower must have a valid Full Event or Day Ticket for themselves for the day(s) they are showing proxy models.

A couple of classes require the owner to be onsite - those are not proxy eligible.  They are noted on the class list.

SEE - "Registration" - for Proxy specific instructions

- $40/day
- $100/event

(subject to availability) 

must have a valid Full Event or Day Ticket for the day(s) purchasing

- $1/each

This is for class entries that exceed the limit of 3 

Cash can be left with the extra entries


You can pay at the registration desk with cash or card


You can pay here on the website

- $2/da

- $5/event

We encourage you to bring your friends and family. 

This fee is to cover refreshment service and wristband

Guests do not get their own table and are unable to show. 

Extra chairs are available upon request

- Free

Spectators is a new category this year

We had several people staying at Blue Water that wanted to see what we were doing.  So this year we are creating a space for them that will keep them out of the show arena but able to see what are doing. 

Seating Map & Judging Stations


Red      - Junior Division

Blue     - Animals

Silver   - Performance Division - Other Section

Pink     - Performance Division - Western Section

Yellow  - Performance Division - English Section

Purple  - Medallion Breed Division

White   - Just for Fun Division - Fun by Sponsors Section

Black   - Just for Fun Division - Fun for Customs and All Sections


Red      - Custom Traditional Division

Blue     - Artist Resin Mini Division

Silver   - Workmanship Division

Pink     - Custom Glazed China Division

Yellow  - Micro Mini Division

Purple  - Artist Resin Traditional Division

White   - Medallion Workmanship Division

Black   - Custom Mini Division


Red      - Stone Traditional Division

Blue     - Stone Mini Division

Silver   - Collectability Division - Stone Sections

Pink     - China / Factory Resin Division

Yellow  - Hartland Division 

Purple  - Collectability Division - Breyer Sections

White   - Breyer Mini Division

Black   - Breyer Traditional Division

** note - this station layout may change as needed.  Last updated December 30, 2023 

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